About Us

Siddhi Robo Plasma Cuts Pvt Ltd is predominantly a plasma profile cutting company catering to the needs of the customer. We are capable of providing profile cutting solutions to various dynamics of the industry right from the automotive sector to the agriculture sector. Equipped with the latest technology available in the industry, we at Siddhi Robo have the ability to deliver the profiled products with high accuracy & cut quality.

Siddhi Robo is a pioneer in the Bevel Cutting Technology Solutions & offers a wide range of bevel cutting options – knife bevel, top land, bottom land etc. With the help of the latest software of bevel profile cutting, Siddhi Robo can provide bevel profiles & bevel contours at specific locations as requested by the customer. This technological jump gives us a lot of flexibility in the profile parts & is a huge benefit to the customers working in the welding sector.

Siddhi Robo has been associated with the plasma cutting industry & has been exposed to the cutting-edge technology since over 10 years. The think-tank of Siddhi Robo offers material saving solutions which benefit the commercials of the customers. The knowledge rich & technically strong platform at Siddhi Robo with its cutting edge technology & high customer focus makes us one of the biggest players in the plasma cutting business.

Mr. Chandrashekher Kangralkar

Managing Director

B.Tech in Metallurgy
Total work experience: 35 years

Previously worked in ISMT, Pune with a specialization in export trading & former MD in Summo India


To use the unlimited opportunities we have too create value for the benefit of our customers and open up, to think multidimensional.


To provide customers with the world's leading industrial cutting solutions, to promote the wellbeing and development of our Associates.


Siddhi Robo believes in a customer first attitude & focusses its energy on customer satisfaction.


We have the ability to complete the production & quality requirements of our customers.



Siddhi Robo Plasma Cuts Pvt Ltd shifted its operations based to Alandi Markal Road, Pune. During this period, Siddhi Robo invested in another plasma torch & a X-Y CNC machine to cater to the growing demand of our customers. In 2010, Siddhi Robo was equipped with two plasma torches working in tandem & meeting delivery schedules.


The bevel cutting technology was introduced into Siddhi Robo in 2016. This latest addition equipped with cutting edge software capabilities & machinery makes Siddhi Robo a powerful player in this industry.

In 2007, the company was equipped with one plasma torch & a robotic arm & was delivering the profile parts as per the customer’s requirement. Our latest nesting software & brain trust provided a ground breaking solution to one of our biggest customers which lead to a high material saving per annum impacting their commercial dynamics. This strengthened the bond with our customer which lead to a business increase of 200%.


The third torch was added in 2015. The torch was installed on the existing X-Y CNC machine converting it into a tandem CNC plasma cutting machine.


Our Team

  • Mr. Sunil Patil

  • B. Tech in Mechanical
  • Total work experience: 35 years
  • Mrs.Sangeeta Kangralkar

  • B.Sc Home Science
  • Total work experience:
  • Mrs. Sunita Patil

  • B.Sc
  • Total work experience:
  • Mr. Karan Kangralkar

  • B.E in Mechanical, M.Sc in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, UK
  • Total work experience: 5 years
  • Mrs. Manisha Shinde

  • Software & Logistics M.A
  • Total work experience: 17 years
  • Mr.Brijmohan Pandey

  • Maintainance & Production
  • Total work experience: 20 years
  • Mrs. Monika Kelkar

  • M.Com Finance
  • Total work experience: 15 years

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